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Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram?

BentoBox […]. Bitgesell, the evolutionary successor of Bitcoin, has recently concluded its halving event, today March 28th, Triggered by the blockchain hitting block. Some believe the hype around million-dollar NFT art and digital collectibles is warranted, with new use cases sure to emerge.

Before the age of smartphones allowed the average person on the street to snap a selfie with their favorite celebrity, autographs and signed memorabilia were highly sought after by collectors. Naturally, the value of these real-world, authentic and rare keepsakes are high and remain so today. However, thanks to the utility of blockchain technology, digital collectibles are becoming the modern-day autograph or the one-of-a-kind, priceless piece of art.

Various sporting icons, brands and teams have entered the fray by minting trading cards and digital memorabilia that have also attracted million-dollar bids from sport-loving NFT collectors. NFL veteran Rob Gronkowski set the bar high for the sport NFT space after his recent auction of a limited edition series of trading cards commemorating his four successful NFT campaigns.

Gronk managed to sell a total of trading cards at auction as well as the one-off Career Highlight card to 95 different owners. Digitally-signed tweets are also becoming highly valuable as NFTs.


The proceeds of the sale have been donated to an African charity that is supporting efforts across the continent to grapple with the ongoing COVID pandemic. Nonfungible tokens have taken the cryptocurrency space by storm in as various forms of digital collectibles have attracted multi-million-dollar price tags.

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But are there more fruitful use cases for the burgeoning space than just selling NFTs as art? Got it. As these astronomical values for various NFTs continue to astound onlookers, it begs the question of whether the prices being paid for digital collectibles are creating hype that takes away from other potentially more beneficial use cases for the NFT space. Vitalik Buterin hopes NFTs support blockchain ecosystemsEthereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin waded into the NFT discussion through a blog post on his website, outlining his hopes that NFTs are more widely used to fund or support efforts and organizations that work toward the benefit of social causes.

The Ethereum co-founder was addressing the relatively low percentage of funding that crucial elements of various blockchain infrastructure actually receive within their ecosystems. Other industry experts have also outlined their belief that the astronomical value of some of the leading NFTs is warranted while conceding that there could be more beneficial use cases for digitally verified collectibles. However, he added that crypto native professionals have looked to give back to the space and support crypto artists as their portfolios have increased in recent months.

Similar to the crypto industry as a whole, Beeple has been creating digital works for years, often with little recognition. The work that Beeple auctioned tells the story of Beeple the artist but also reflects the story of crypto as a whole. However, ongoing monetary stimulus measures around the world have also seen asset prices inflated, which has spilled over into the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

For games and other applications, you need much higher throughput and lower cost.

As things like Flow and Eth2 mature and become widely available, we should start seeing games and other use cases that require higher transaction throughput gain traction. NFTs could eventually make their way into various industries, with the potential for financial services and processes tapping into the technology.

Financial documents, including invoices, purchase orders and master data, could be turned into NFTs to help manage financial supply chain logistics. Gaming and tokenization of in-game assets have already emerged as prominent use cases, while NFTs also have the potential to be used in the insurance space, as well as for securitization and asset-backed lending.

Being able to use your NFTs in this way also makes them more valuable and useful. Over the coming years, as throughput on blockchains improve and the market penetration of crypto accelerates, we will see a number of blue ocean opportunities in the NFT space.

Bitcoin Fatwa & How it Conforms With Shariah?

Certain types of contracts, in-game assets and tickets will also be constructed within an NFT structure. We are just at the beginning of experimenting with all of the various forms NFTs can take and what they can represent.

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  • Din İşleri Yüksek Kurulu: Bitcoin uygun değildir.

The next stage of this market will be driven by what you can actually do with the asset class. The U. Circle plans to accelerate the mainstream adoption of non-fungible tokens NFTs by launching a credit card payment solution for NFT platforms. Sign in. Your languages. Pay attention to this menu, we monitor 18 different languages. Banking Sector is Interested in Cryptocurrency; Morgan Stanley is Leading the Game Bitcoin is continuing to find its way into many sectors including tourism, online shopping, hotels and restaurants, supply chain, online casinos, and charity.

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