Fee for sending bitcoin from coinbase to binance

Yet, it does provide one of the better fee ranges on the market. At the lowest volume level fees are 0. Also, Binance gives its users a few different ways to reduce their trading fees. If both of these functions are utilized, traders end up paying 0.

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Cryptocurrency withdrawals come with a fee dependent on the cryptocurrency. For instance, Bitcoin withdrawals will cost 0. Verdict: Traders that are willing to pay trading fees in BNB and utilize the referral bonus will be rewarded with Binance. If trading fees top your list of importance, Binance is the no-brainer choice. Coinbase Pro comes in at second place behind Binance in terms of daily trading volume. The same is true when it comes to Euro traders as well.

Therefore, while there is significant liquidity on Coinbase, it mostly comes from fiat-to-crypto trading, and not from crypto-to-crypto trading like Binance. However, both volume numbers are quite high and the markets are extremely liquid. Verdict: Want fiat-to-crypto trading liquidity? Stick with Coinbase. Looking to maximize crypto-to-crypto liquidity? Head over to Binance.

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Coinbase Pro is an in-depth trading platform for active traders. But this is a separate interface from Coinbase itself, a slightly cumbersome feature of the way the company decided to structure these two distinct platforms. Luckily, Coinbase makes up for it with its Coinbase Pro mobile app, which consistently gets rave reviews from traders who love the ease of use and speed of trading on the app.

Binance is much more comprehensive than your traditional cryptocurrency exchange. There are a lot of different functions of the platform which provide value to users. Verdict: Binance is more than a basic cryptocurrency exchange. It provides users an entire spectrum of crypto-related products that make it a one-stop-shop for trading and more. As for mobile, Coinbase gets a slight edge for having a more comprehensive mobile wallet and exchange app in one, while Binance users can download the Binance mobile trading app but are directed to utilize Trust Wallet for mobile cryptocurrency storage.

The dedicated customer support team at Coinbase is available from Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm Pacific Time. Anecdotal evidence suggests the team is well-versed in helping assist users in most of their issues. The one continual complaint is the onboarding process, which can take longer than some users would prefer. Verdict: This one comes down to preference.

For those that prefer dedicated phone support, go with Coinbase. Coinbase has had trouble keeping up with a surge in demand, and has been working to scale its platform to account for demand spikes for the last several years. Recently, as the price of Bitcoin soared, the Coinbase mobile app and online platform went down and users were unable to load the exchange.

While the company is certain to continue working towards meeting increases in demand, it's a somewhat worrisome sign that Coinbase was unable to handle the influx of activity on its platform. Binance, meanwhile, announced a major upgrade to its trading engine in June While originally United States-based users could utilize the standard Binance.

Although, there are currently certain state level restrictions that limit who can use the new platform, which is constantly changing. Eventually, Binance. Whilst the variable percentage would be 3. In this case, Coinbase would charge me USD1. For crypto to crypto conversions e. The exact margin would depend on the market fluctuations at the time.

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Coinbase Pro on the other hand operates on a maker-taker fee model. In the case where only part of your order is matched immediately, you would pay the taker fee for that portion only. You would then pay the maker fee for the remainder of the total order when it is matched. As to the percentage, it would depend on the total amount traded by users in 1 month as follows:. Based on the above, for small volume users, e. Of course, one possible method to reduce trading fees is to work towards a higher tier by increasing your monthly trade volume.

Coinbase withdrawal fees can be very high. When users withdraw their coins off the Coinbase platform, Coinbase will charge users a fee based on their estimation of the network transaction fees they anticipate they will pay.

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Coinbase has stated that in some circumstances, the fee that Coinbase pays may be different from the estimate. So there is a possibility that the estimated fee that users have to pay are HIGHER than the network transaction fee actually paid by Coinbase. However, there may be a way to avoid Coinbase withdrawal fees. According to Coinbase, they do not charge for transferring cryptocurrency from one Coinbase wallet to another.

Since Coinbase and Coinbase Pro GDAX are owned by the same company, sending your funds from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro would be instant and free since it is a transfer from one Coinbase wallet to another. The key here is that Coinbase Pro does not charge any withdrawal fees. You can then send your cryptocurrencies from Coinbase Pro to any other wallet outside of the Coinbase platform without paying any network transfer fees. Bitcoin has the most expensive transfer fees on Coinbase.

One way to reduce transfer fees is to exchange Bitcoin to another cryptocurrency such as Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. These coins will be cheaper to transfer, and could be exchanged back to Bitcoin once the transfer is complete on the receiving exchange. These exchanges offer more competitive withdraw rates and also have more types of cryptocurrency options. However for larger transactions, Coinbase charges a variable percentage fee of 1. The information provided in this article is intended for general guidance and information purposes only.


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Your post seems to suggest you can put fiat onto coinbase and transfer to gdax to avoid fees. Is this correct and if so how do I deposit fiat directly onto coinbase?

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Also looking at long term investment is now a good time to get into alt coins like stellar and ripple or have I missed the boat on these? Thanks guys for these valuable tips, aka be wary. If it sounds too good to be true then it most likely is.

This post fails to mention there is a minimum amount required in coinbase for it to even show up in GDAX. So if you are making small transfers you will have to pay the coinbase fee. Thanks for every other informative web site. Where else may just I am getting that kind of information written in such an ideal way? This is so infuriating, why is this? If you bought it for 7k who cares about the 1. Ill take that one all day.