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If one of the computers that has a copy of the public ledger starts to claim in encrypted form that Zach actually bought 6 Impossible Burgers revealing more detail than is supposed to be revealed , then everyone else in the network will start yelling at that computer, perhaps telling it that Zach is not a monster of gluttony, and then kick the bad computer out of the network.

How much is unreadable depends on the cryptocurrency. In many cases, like with bitcoin, the difficulty is often in matching a wallet to a physical person, rather than the encryption of the transaction. I did not do this. Though, I may well be a monster of gluttony. When Zach made the original transaction, it became part of a metaphorical mountain of transactions that need to be mined. Mining is the process in which the data is processed, encrypted, and added to the ledger. A very powerful computer needs to do it, and that miner gets paid for doing all that hard work.

The first miner to stumble onto the correct answer gets both a reward in the form or new bitcoin like newly mined gold as well as a very small transaction fee. The ledger keeps becoming longer and longer, and harder to validate, meaning we need stronger computers. So, in , a laptop could have mined a bitcoin. Now however, you basically need a small data center to mine even a single bitcoin. Right now a transaction already takes around 12 minutes. Basically, Zach would have to pay for his Impossible Burger upon ordering it and then wait for the kitchen to bring him what he hopes will be a good burger.

That is on the verge of acceptable in a restaurant and maybe for next-day delivery orders, but what about any store selling a product directly? In fact, the 12 minute average is only the first round of confirmation, which in most cases is good enough to give the customer their purchase, but 5 more rounds of confirmation are needed for the transaction to be fully confirmed. When bitcoin first exploded in , the average transaction time jumped up to a whole day.

At the worst time during this Klondike Gold Rush type of moment, a transaction sometimes took as long as a week to be confirmed. Now, a lot has been done to prevent that from happening again if the bitcoin network doubles in size, but that is not nearly enough. There some other solutions, like the lightning network, which is not specifically part of the bitcoin blockchain and is considered more like a second layer where 2 or more parties agree to trust each other on an exchange and upon completion inform the blockchain — this is often known as an off-chain transaction.

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Some large providers, like coinbase, also allow for such functionality between its users. While such transactions solve the delay problem, are not as power intensive, and minimize transaction costs, they do have security vulnerabilities and in some ways defeat some of the purposes of a blockchain. The bar to meet the current financial system is a 3, time increase in transaction speed. Currently, about million transactions are made every year through bitcoin.

Our current financial system, which includes bank transfers, credit card transactions, paypal transfers, and much more, well, that amounts to a whopping billion transactions a year. If bitcoin had to replace all billion yearly transactions and its power requirement scaled as it has thus far, the whole world would need to generate 18 times as much electricity as it does today just to power this financial system.

That there is crazy. It is also important to not attempt to compare the energy use of bitcoin to the total amount of energy used by banks like energy spent on office lighting, employees travel costs, and other services a traditional bank provides like loans and mortgages.

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Some like Revolut even let you buy stocks and cryptocurrency. As for proof of stake, that is not currently being applied to bitcoin, but more about that later. Though, an argument could be made for expensive purchases, like cars, because large transactions get processed faster and there are not that many of them on a yearly basis. Bitcoin has an enormous and ever-growing power requirement.

Even though the size of the bitcoin network when compared to bank transactions and credit card transitions is just a minor niche, it already consumes more electricity than my country, the Netherlands. Now, that might not mean a lot to most people, so I will give various examples to put this into perspective. In the US, only 9 states use more electricity than bitcoin. Only California and Florida use twice as much electricity as bitcoin. Texas uses between 3—4 times as much.

Further, bitcoin is pretty close to overtaking the remaining 6 states that use more electricity than bitcoin.

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Hopefully this world map puts into perspective just how much electricity the world generates and just how much bitcoin uses. The whole reason can be summarized in just one word: trust. Though, more accurately, the lack of it. In the real world, no one trusts one another, so by making contracts with large financial entities like banks and giving control of the currency over to the government, we have built multiple interconnected, centralized systems.

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While a transaction might go through multiple intermediaries at various costs which are not equal all over the world, most people can make a digital purchase online or in a store and have the transaction confirmed within a matter of seconds. So, to prevent that, you make the encryption problems so hard to solve that you need very powerful computer hardware. Without such safeguards, malware in an app could make a large number of smartphones in the world successfully mine bitcoin.

Without these safeguards and with such numbers, that hacker could completely take over or destroy the cryptocurrency. This has caused a supply shortage. When combined with the pandemic, this shortage is at its worst it has ever been. To mine bitcoin, however, consumer graphics cards will do you little good. Graphics cards are instead used to mine cryptocurrencies like ethereum, litecoin, monero, bitcoin gold, and many other smaller cryptocurrencies. These systems are also better protected than most consumer electronics.

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Ironically, it is often stated that cryptocurrency is a system where trust is built in, but in reality, the point is that trust is not required. By now you might be wondering, why on earth do we continue these efforts, then — they sound fruitless. Well, that is actually not entirely true. If the energy, processing power, oversight, and confusing deflation issues can be solved, then it would be an amazing system, and not just for finances more about that later when I write about proof of stake.

Ideally, here is the dream of blockchain: A person enters a jewelry store and purchases a second-hand ring. By purchasing this ring, he also gets access to the blockchain ledger of this ring. In that blockchain ledger, he sees the previous owner s , the store s the ring was previously sold in, for what price it was sold, and when. Furthermore, he can see the distributor where the store got the ring, the manufacturer that the distributor got the ring from, as well as where the components came from, like the gold and the diamond.

Information like dates, transportation info, everything down to the diamond mine and potentially even the name of the person that mined that diamond and on which shift. Basically, everything would be in that ledger, all stored in the blockchain, and the latest part added to the chain now is the new owner who purchased that ring. Now, obviously, that is theoretically all the information contained in the ledger. However, which part is encrypted and unreadable to the person who bought the ring all depends on the specific blockchain system. There is no universal system for this like bitcoin, not yet.

More immediately, manufacturers can set up blockchain systems like these to help prevent things like child labor or blood diamonds from entering their supply chain. With the principle of a no-trust system where tons of individual impartial parties process and agree on information, there is no way to fake things so long as information is filled in truthfully at the source.

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This can be extremely powerful for manufacturers that have a supplier that has 10 suppliers, each of which has 10 more suppliers and each of those has 10 more suppliers. The original manufacturer can now know what is coming from where, inspect sites, and deny specific incoming supply shipments. For the end consumer to be able to see where the different parts of the product they just bought originate is pretty cool. However, they would also be able to see how many parts or which parts specifically were marked by watchdog organizations as coming from ethically questionable sources, whether the manufacturer wants the customer to know this or not.

Again, it depends on which information the owner can decrypt through the action of the purchase. There are definitely good arguments to have a global system like this.

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Yet, conversely, a much more energy-efficient, limited system used by a single manufacturer to check their incoming shipments might also be sufficient. Once again, it comes down to trust. Do you trust Apple to do the right thing? What about the Chinese Foxconn factory producing Apple devices? What if you straighten out both of them, but not the raw materials supplier? What I am about to tell you now is considered to be a plus, but I still have my doubts.

At Tesla, they hire a team of top-notch engineers to build a product. The way bitcoin development works is that anyone can come up with new code to improve bitcoin — you put that out there as a software update. Suddenly, you have two bitcoin currencies and this action of separation cannot be reversed. Minor changes are called soft forks.