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The potent component in whole wheat seems to be an antioxidant called an orthophenol.

Orthophenols are able to kill cancer cells and are more common in whole-wheat products and less common in hig Some medications contain caffeine, so does a cup of coffee. The first is strictly regulated.

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The second not so but mostly drunk by adults. A third and more insidious source of high doses of caffeine is not regulated at all and drunk mostly by children and young adults. For years, concern has been e Studies have shown that people who eat foods high in vitamin C have lower rates of cancer and hea These usually are the same women who last year spent, in some cases, hundreds of pounds each, in a futile attempt to shed a few pounds.

They will probably be suckered in a Bladder infections - generally termed cystitis, which means inflammation of the bladder - are common in women and very rare in men. In fact, about half of all women get at least one bladder infection at some time in their lives. Although doctors are not sure exactly why women have many more bladder Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University report that women with breast cancer tend to have lower vitamin B12 levels in their blood serum than do women without breast cancer. The researchers determined vitamin B12 concentrations in blood samples obtained in and in and compared the level It is generally assumed that vitamin B12 deficiencies are rare among people consuming a varied diet.

However, there is some question whether vegetarians get enough B12 as it is not present in plants. Researchers at the Sydney Adventist Hospital have just completed a study aimed at resolving this que Kava is widely sold as a herbal supplement to help relieve anxiety and is gaining popularity by the day across Ireland. The chemicals that give tart cherries their red colour may relieve pain better than aspirin and may provide antioxidant protection comparable to commercially available supplements like vitamin E, according to Michigan State University researchers.

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Although commonly referred to as a yeast, Candida albicans is actually a parasitic fungus that only resembles a yeast. Found most commonly in the large intestine and oesophagus, candida is a normal inhabitant of the digestive tract and usually lives in balance with friendly bacteria that h Green tea may make drug-resistant bacteria more sensitive to antibiotics, British researchers say.

According to a report in the August issue of Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, green tea extracts, when added to different strains of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, made the bacteria more se Recently, green tea extract has been shown to effectively reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Now researchers believe it may also improve the condition of fatty livers, thus adding to the supply of available donor livers.

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Statistics show about 18, patients in the United States are c Discussed in the March issue of the journal Gut are data from Finnish scientists which show that people with celiac disease an intolerance to gluten can safely eat oats. Celiac disease is a genetic disorder which mostly affects people of European descent. Symptoms can range from diarrhoea, w While allergy to pollen or other outdoor sources typically causes a lot of discomfort during spring, summer and fall, food allergy is one condition that knows no season.

Surveys show that approximately one in three adults believe they have a food allergy. The reality is that true food allergy affect Dietary fat is a vital nutrient that helps promote a healthy lifestyle. Like carbohydrates and protein, dietary fat is an important source of energy for the body. Fat is the most concentrated source of energy in the diet, providing nine calories per gram compared with four calories per gram from eit Indeed, the human preference for sweets is thought to be a basic survival adaptation.

When presented with a variety of basic tastes such as sweet, salty, bitter or sour, infants favour the sweet choice. Scientists believe this Nutritionists and other health professionals have long recognized the importance of establishing healthful nutrition practices during childhood and early adolescence. As such, diet and exercise patterns adopted during these prime developmental years set the stage for lifelong habits that can mean th Rates of overweight and obesity in the United States have grown to epidemic proportions over the last 20 years.

In , the Surgeon General estimated that one-fourth of American adults were overweight, while the latest government data indicate that approximately 61 percent of adults are either over Eating three or more servings of whole grain foods per day could substantially reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, says investigators from Tufts University in Boston. Researchers studied more than 42, men who ate an average of 3.

They compared those Celiac disease is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. People who have celiac disease cannot tolerate a protein called gluten, which is found in wheat, rye, barley, and possibly oats. When people with celiac disease eat foods con What is it? Selenium is an essential trace mineral in the human body 1. This nutrient is an important part of antioxidant enzymes that protect cells against the effects of free radicals that are produced during normal oxygen metabolism.

The body has developed defences such as antioxidants to con The debate over oestrogen replacement therapy continues with a new study by researchers at the University of Texas M. Anderson Cancer Center.

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They report women with a history of localised breast cancer who took ERT were no more likely to die or suffer a recurrence of their cancer than those who d These free radicals may contribute to an increased risk of heart disease, a leading cause of death among dialysis patients. At the same time, the liver needs higher levels of some of these nutrients to promote the detoxification breakdown of hazardous compounds in tobacco smoke. Recurrent abdominal pain is a common disorder that affects 10 percent to 20 percent of children.

There is currently no standard treatment for RAP. A new study finds several unconventional treatments may be ef The use of antioxidant supplements in cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy is a controversial issue in cancer treatment. Doctors have been debating the issue for over 30 years.

Radiation therapy kills cancer cells by generating large numbers of destructive free radicals. Some oncologis Chronic hepatitis C is typically a long-term low-grade infection that can lead to liver inflammation, tissue scarring, and impaired liver function. The use of antioxidants in patients with hepatitis C has garnered mixed opinions recently. While some studies show no benefit of antioxidant suppl Researchers have long speculated antioxidant vitamins, such as beta carotene a form of vitamin A and vitamin E, might play a role in helping people avoid The active ingredient in green tea, epigallocatechingallate EGCG , has been found to block the growth of bladder tumours in rats.

EGCG is increasingly regarded as an active anticancer agent, although most trials study its power in tea consumption. In a previous study, drinking more than five cu A Swedish research team think overweight or obese women have a greater risk of developing A A diet developed eight years ago to help manage seizures in children with epilepsy may significantly raise their cholesterol and levels of lipids and lipoproteins in the blood, a new study shows.

The rigorously high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet is known as the ketogenic diet. Researchers from Johns Hop A new study shows iron supplementation may be necessary even for healthy fullterm infants as it appears to offer both developmental and behavioural benefits. The study shows infants who did not receive iron supplements had decreased response to their physical and social environment. Iron-deficiency a A new study highlights the importance of weight control throughout life to control blood pressure.

The study also reports low birth weight and low socioeconomic status during childhood can also contribute to higher blood pressure in the future.

Researchers have suggested the negative effect of birth New research shows investing in state tobacco control programs can reduce smoking rates. The study is published in the latest issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. At the time of the study, Postmenopausal women with breast cancer seem to fare better on a drug other than tamoxifen. A new study shows exemestane — a hormonal therapy — may be more effective than the gold standard drug tamoxifen two to three years after patients begin treatment.

Researchers from London studied mo For those who want to lower their risk of cancer, the answer may be as simple as getting enough vitamin E. There are lots and lots of good reasons to exercise, but keeping your arteries from thickening may not be one of them. A new study out of Taiwan suggests drinking tea may keep your blood pressure under control. Researchers discovered people who drank between milliliters and milliliters of green or oolong tea a day for a year had a percent decreased risk of developing hypertension than those who did not dri New research shows not only is breast feeding your newborn beneficial, but making sure the milk is fresh is also crucial.

According to a new study from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey, breast milk that has been refrigerated or frozen for more than 48 hours begins to lose signific Previous research has established that onions may protect against cancer.

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Rui Hai Liu and colleagues from Cornell University, US, compared the cancer inhibiting ability of a variety of commonly consumed onions and shallots. They found that the onions with the strongest flavours had the greatest pote It comes against a backdrop of rising rates of obesity, which the re Contrary to your parental instinct, giving your children peanuts after they outgrow their allergy may actually prevent a recurrence, according to a new study.

The superbug can also be fatal. Hospital patients with MRSA are usually isolated, but a new study Consuming enough dairy products, fruits and vegetables in your daily diet may lower the risk of disability, especially among black women, shows a new study. Study author Denise Houston, PhD. A new study shows people suffering from the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis may also be at higher risk of having celiac disease, a condition in which people have a difficult time digesting wheat gluten.

Treatment for celiac disease can markedly improve bone mineral density, or BMD, among patients If you want to prevent diabetes, is it better to take a diabetes medication or adjust your diet and exercising habits? New research suggests changing diet and exercise may have a greater effect than drugs. People with a condition called metabolic syndrome are at the highest risk for developing heart Researchers f Research reveals a new way to predict which breast cancers are likely to recur and which ones are likely to stay away for good.

Right now, researchers predict whether a cancer is likely to recur by determining whether tumour cells have entered the lymph nodes near the breast. Now, researchers from A new study shows being single, married or divorced has no effect on women with breast cancer after undergoing a lumpectomy and radiation.

Previous research indicated marital status could influence cancer survival. Shelley B. Hayes, chief resident in the radiation oncology department at Fox Chase Lifestyle and demographic factors may compromise the reliability of a screening test for prostate cancer.

People have used the sweet wormwood plant to fight malaria, a mosquito borne disease, since ancient times. Now, new research reveals a chemical from the plant may be a powerful breast cancer prevention treatment. Bioengineers from University of Washington in Seattle tested the chemical, artemisinin, Two antioxidants working together can help protect the health of smokers.

New research from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University is the first to demonstrate the interaction of the combination of two antioxidants in humans. The study shows supplements of 1, milligrams of vitamin C Enjoying a glass of red wine may help you hold on to your teeth.

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New research is showing some chemicals found in red wine change the way your mouth responds to bacteria, keeping gums and teeth healthier. Periodontitis is a progressive disease of the gums and the bone that surrounds and supports teeth People wanting to maintain healthy lungs as they age may want to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables containing beta carotene, especially if they smoke, say the authors of a new study.

Researchers found people with higher levels of beta carotene in their blood had lower age-related de Following studies conducted in the s, two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling touted the benefits of high-dose vitamin C for cancer patients. Since that time, though, the treatment has remained highly controversial. Critics say the study was full of problems, and many follow-up studies — inc Are your children driving you crazy with their constant requests for the hottest toys or snacks?

You may want to think twice about giving them free reign in front of the television. Researchers have long touted the health benefits of fruits such as raspberries for their antioxidant properties. Now, new research shows raspberries may have even more health benefits than were originally known. The study, as published in BioFactors, shows raspberries may have times more antioxida Good news for coffee drinkers.

It appears your morning cuppa may help reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. According to the study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, several large, prospective studies point to a connection between coffee intake and reduced risk of diabetes, and Colourful veggies on your dinner plate could save your sight. A diet high in the plant pigments lutein and zeaxanthin, called carotenoids, may reduce the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration AMD.

Suzen M. Moeller, PhD. Several new studies have recently featured curcumin, one of the biologically active compounds in the yellow spice, turmeric. They suggest it can help aging brains and arthritic joints.