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A wallet from moved BTC for the first time in 11 years, what does this mean? May 19, Bitcoin's Golden Cross is around the corner this week, so what does this mean for price? May 16, May 14, May 12, Let's look at NEW data, for the next expected move. May 9, Let's look at the newest data, and what puzzle pieces are worth considering, as we move into Q2 of May 7, Today we look at an interesting 8 candle pattern Bitcoin followed at the start of the bull rally. May 5, Let's see if BTC will follow, and what the likely path will be.

May 2, With an ugly close for stock markets, Bitcoin is awaiting the next move to choose where it's final destination will be. Apr 30, Are we looking for a top yet? Amidst the breakout, fundamentals continually show negative growth amongst global economies.

There's More To Cryptocurrency Than Bitcoin

To me, everything looks too good to be true and too fast to be real. What looks like a duck, sounds like a duck…is probably a duck. Major banks are printing like they never have before. Yet with all this inflationary stimulation, the USD maintains strength. Apr 28, The Bitcoin Halving is in less than 15 days.

While many expect prices to soar before the halving, let's look at some shocking historical analytics, that will give us a glimpse of what's to come. Apr 25, This has caused frustration between those who want long term entries, and those trading the trend, as it has kept both on their heels with unpredictability.

I believe a big reason for this is the growing uncertainty of equity markets due to the global lockdowns that are still in place. You can expect more volatility in the next two weeks as more companies announce earnings. Apr 23, We find surprising facts and correlations of the halving VS this one. Apr 21, Bitcoin did not react immediately but there are other signs that it could soon follow. Let's look at a surprising chart no one is seeing. Apr 18, Let's see if we are in a bullish trend now or if the bears are setting up a trap for the bulls. Apr 16, Central banks push for regulation of centralized stable coins, will this affect Bitcoin?

Equity markets looking bullish with unemployment numbers out tomorrow let's see if this rally can hold! Apr 14, Apr 11, Bitcoin is ready for a MASSIVE move as wallet movements between retail investors and whales indicate they are preparing for a major pump or dump.

1. Avalanche

Let's look at how to be best prepared. Apr 9, With equity markets closed this Friday, Bitcoin is ripe for manipulation by the whales. Let's look at our target entry along with altcoin data showing a potential bull season coming! Apr 7, Bitcoin along with most assets are seeing a nice open for the week all breaking out of their recent trends, does this mean the blood bath is over? Let's look at this hidden signal showing danger. Apr 4, Let's look at this historic indicator showing the bull's real power. Apr 2, Mar 31, Let's look at the plan for a Bitcoin rebound along with new lockdown guidelines.

Mar 28, The U. S is now the most infected country of the global pandemic, Bitcoin and other assets continue their downward trend. Mar 26, Let's look at what's next for BTC and equity markets. Mar 24, Bitcoin is trending below the W MA with an upcoming death-cross. There is a major move coming so let's look at how the economic turbulence of COVID 19 contributes to this next move.

Bitcoin broke down more than anyone anticipated due to the recent plus token scam, derivate vs.

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Let's look at the last key support level BTC must hold. Mar 14, Bitcoin is ready for a major breakout or breakdown, let's look at key levels to watch along with major news affecting global equity markets alongside BTC. Bitcoin saw a MAJOR push down along with one of the stock markets worst day in history, let's discuss the major trends to see where the best buying opportunity is in a bearish or bullish case.

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Despite the quick surge, Bitcoin investors are still cautious after the price dropped so significantly as the cryptocurrency continues to trade sideways. Over the past week, however, Bitcoin has dropped by Analysts believe this is a short-term correction and the cryptocurrency will increase once more with more sustainable health. The leading altcoin is currently sitting at a 5. Currently, the top five altcoins boasting the biggest rally in the market over the past day are all outside of the top ten cryptocurrencies Qtum is leading at the time of writing, with a Aave is sitting at