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They said they had to escalate the ticket to a specialist whatever that means. Have not heard response since.

Hackers steal $ million from GateHub cryptocurrency wallets | ZDNet

Will keep you posted in Coinbase gives any useful info - not sure if they figured it out, or if it was Gatehub. My ETH also appeared yesterday I sent them 4 or 5 emails before it came through. Nothing turned up for me yet. Good to see some of it coming through though.

Certainly won't be using Gatehub for anything ever again. Absolute rubbish. Oh, correction. Just logged into Gatehub and can see my Ethereum in the Gatehub Fifth trust. So it feels like I am back to square one, in that the ETH has simply moved from my Gatehub wallet to Gatehub Fifth and hasn't reached my personal wallet! Ok tried a test ETH withdrawal for 0. So Gatehub withdrawals seem back to normal but will never use this service again.

Transfered eth to gatehub but it never showed up best place to buy ripple reddit

This thread has been automatically locked because it has not had recent activity. Please open a new issue for related bugs and link to relevant comments in this thread. Skip to content. This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only. Sent ETH from gatehub to binance but nothing is showing up on binance Copy link.

Thanks The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. The same issue to me today, I waited over more 2 hours, but nothing happen.

Cryptocurrency wallet GateHub hacked, nearly $10 million worth of Ripple (XRP) stolen

This is insane. Unfortunately not. Hi everybody! I am 15 hours later now and still nothing! Hi , Is somebody received ETH already? OP here, After a few hours it showed up in binance, i imagine its just congested networks and gatehub extending remittance floats to make further profits idk. Hopefully we all get them at some point. I got my eth but the wrong amount. Still nothing here.

Gatehub took my $$$! I wish someone would have told me this! (Setting a Trust)

We need to make a group case to someone that can help!!! Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or mute the thread. Good idea i am in. I'm in!!! Muzammil Hussain Two transactions made on 5th January. I've been spamming the gatehub twitter everyday so far. Yescreative is my profile. He is the guy doing the transaction on gatehub. I have had zero response or anyone assigned to the transactions They are choosing not to reply to any of us with the same problem.

Is this fraud or a hack? This e-mail and any attachments are confidential. They are intended only for use by the recipient of this communication. If this is not the case please contact Yes Creative immediately and destroy all copies of the e-mail and any attachments. I don't see a way of knowing the status of a ticket - even with the ticket number I can't see anywhere to locate it.

Not sure what the next step is, but think making the public more aware of this issue is a start. Start contacting ripple directly, I'm sure they will want to know what type of company they are working in partnership with A few hours after I made my payment the loginc service was unavailable. Still missing my ETH this end Was it the same issue of it not making it onto the network and just staying in the gatehub fith wallet?

Its been more than 24 hours and it still hasn't shown on my GateHub. Etherscan is showing success Coinbase says completed. Transaction isn't showing in the blockchain explorer though. I reviewed his transactions and everything seems right. We'll says what Coinbase support says. So it's somethign unique between Coinbase and Gatehub. I sent 0. Transaction successful on etherscan. Already 3 days and counting. No response from Support except to suggest "set ETH trustline". Problem is when I try to set trust line I get Unknown Error see attached.

Think its because not enough XRP. Catch Please help.

Hackers steal $9.5 million from GateHub cryptocurrency wallets

Check their Twitter for updates, I think everything will be resolved. The previous 2 transfers appeared after a day. Is there a delay? I did finally get my ETH deposit! GateHub was just experiencing delays in their system apparently. Just be patient because sometimes it takes a few days. This is most likely because Ripple's increased popularity. That's ridiculous though. Rarely but never a few days. Mine showed up this morning but I made a change last night before I went to bed that I thought triggered it which was correctly setting the trust line for ETH.

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