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They say a crypto-linked economy can create a low-cost model in which you can deliver services globally at a larger scale.

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These are potentially middlemen. Cryptos are no different. They will create a decentralised way of delivering the services that will get developed around it. It's a long-term view, but we are moving towards it. Cryptocurrencies are like decentralised Amazon and Uber services," says Vijay Ayyar, head of Asia Pacific at cryptocurrency exchange Luno in Singapore. The exchange, whose India launch got delayed due to the government's hard stance on crypto, operates in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ayyar sees value in cryptocurrencies for the government. Not just can it help in attracting more investments in the country, it may open up opportunities for new businesses, he says. There are good indications that crypto is becoming the next big thing in the Internet revolution world over. Big institutions are looking at crypto. Major countries are regulating it, not banning it. India should take the same road.

Could Amazon follow Tesla into accepting bitcoin?

Talking about another government perception that the blockchain is good, but not cryptocurrencies, Ayyar says both should not exist in isolation. That is not real innovation. The real innovation will come from having it at a scale around a public network; something like a blockchain with an associated crypto-economic system that helps you manage the demand and supply of the resource that the network will be providing," says Ayyar.

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List of Partners vendors. The company has flirted with delivery by drone, expanded into media content generation with its own line-up of television shows, and much more. With each step, the company has gained a wider following and a greater dominance over a larger and larger space; it has moved far beyond the e-commerce outfit it began life as.

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  • Could Amazon follow Tesla into accepting bitcoin??
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Now, some analysts are speculating that Amazon may be looking to get into the burgeoning cryptocurrency space , as the company has reportedly bought up a number of cryptocurrency-related domain names. Although spokespeople for the company have been tight-lipped, this is not the first time that Amazon's actions have led some customers and investors to speculate that the company is preparing a cryptocurrency launch. The tech giant previously bought up domain names like amazonbitcoin.

Then, according to multiple news reports, in mid-November, Amazon bought up a series of new domain names as well.

Boosting widespread acceptance of bitcoin

Suddenly, speculation began all over. The new URL purchases are amazonethereum. What could this all mean? The fact that the company has mentioned two of the leading digital currencies bitcoin and ethereum in the domain names could mean that it is considering introducing some type of link to those currencies.

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One potential offering would be payment services utilizing one or both of the currencies. Another possible reason for Amazon's recent spate of domain purchases is simple brand protection. The company can absolutely afford to collect a large variety of website addresses, potentially for the sole purpose of ensuring that those sites don't end up in the hand of someone else.

These sites could dilute Amazon's brand if they are used in a way that is unaffiliated with the company. In this scenario, it's likely that Amazon's purchase of these domain names does not suggest any immediate plans to launch a cryptocurrency or specific cryptocurrency-related products. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that Amazon is looking to launch a new currency of its own.

Why has Tesla bought bitcoin?

It would certainly not be the first mainstream company to do so. If it does launch its own cryptocurrency, there's a strong argument to be made that Amazon's size and brand power would provide a tremendous boost to that currency upon launch. On the other hand, if a company as prominent as Amazon creates a cryptocurrency, it may only be a matter of time before other major companies follow suit, potentially oversaturating the market and investor interest.

Only time will tell what, if anything, those domain names will be used for.

Why Did Amazon Buy Up Cryptocurrency URLs?

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