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Delta measures the sensitivity of options prices to the changes in the spot market price.

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Being short gamma means being an option writer seller regardless of whether call or put. In this case, market makers are short gamma due to call selling. That makes them vulnerable to a sudden move to the higher side. To hedge against the exposure, traders can short sell BTC 0. Option traders generally hedge delta with options. However, in particularly fraught times they could also resort to hedging with the underlying asset itself, leading to heightened price volatility, according to Chung.

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As long as these options remain open in the market, the next couple of days could be interesting — and perhaps volatile — for bitcoin. Options are also less risky as the maximum loss an Options holder can incur is the Options Premium while there is near unlimited potential for profit. Hedging can also be effectively achieved on Options contracts against the spot market and be used in arbitrage. Options can also be used in conjunction with other trading methods and strategies and because of their effectiveness in a rising, falling, or flat market, they can be effective in profit taking as long as the right goals are set.

The futures contracts offered by the exchange will be physically delivered.

Huobi also offers incredibly low minimum positions of 0. This means that traders can open an Options position with around USD10 compared to other exchanges where the minimum position can cost as much as BTC1. On top of this, Huobi Futures only charges basic trading fees and delivery fees. No additional fees are required. Trading Guide Historical Performance.

Huobi Futures to launch bitcoin options trading in Q3

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Understanding Options on Bitcoin Futures

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