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Bitcoin is not speculation, O. And it grew from nothing to a trillion dollars in monetary value in 12 years. Subscribe to The Leadership Brief by clicking here.

Why the recent spike in Bitcoin price is different this time

But if you go back and you look at electricity, not every smart, successful person immediately understood the implications of electricity in the first 24 months after they heard of it. We are the first public company to actually adopt Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset, to legitimize the asset class as an institutional-grade safe-haven asset. Contact us at letters time.

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By Eben Shapiro. The Leadership Brief.

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Eric is a well know skeptic and independant thinker in the Bitcoin ecosystem. He has made waves by arguing strongly against stock to flow and in favor of layer 2 constructions in development on Ethereum. Christian and Eric discuss Bitcoin propaganda, scaling, utility and much much more in this fascinating conversation.

Topics: Why the S2F chart is misleading. Do ethereans get Bitcoin or the history of money.? Bitcoin's role in definanciliazation. Find Eric Wall Twitter: ercwl Email: info arcaneassets. This week for the Bitcoin Magazine podcast host Christian Keroles sits down with Nozomi Hayase for a wide ranging and cosmic conversation. Nozomi's back ground is in studying psychology from both traditional and alternative perspective. She brings a fascinating insight and direction to the world we are living in today as well as captivating narratives for how Bitcoin can help alleviate human suffering.

This conversation is very high level and future looking into what a Bitcoin future looks like. We discussed the following topics: How Money and the type of money we use affects our reality? Do you agree with that and what is the psychology of someone in this transition period?

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How does people adopting bitcoin affect their connection to reality? What will life and civilization look like with a sound money? Bitcoin aligns incentives around selfishness.

The Bitcoin Magazine team is the best in the business. Bitcoin Magazine has been repping Bitcoin since and this new podcast series is their best work yet. They do weekly round ups, interviews with the best guests, and always keep it interesting. Highly recommend.

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