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The inefficiencies are many - but it boils down to slow and large companies and too many middlemen using too much-outdated technology. The international coffee trade has been around for nearly four-hundred years - some of the oldest and largest companies have held a stranglehold on the market for a long, long time.

It has served them well to prevent farmers from knowing the value of their crops and to keep them in a state of perpetual debt with small yearly loans that they must struggle to pay back. All this has prevented both the quality of life for farmers and the quality of coffee from improving quickly. That said, these companies have signed their own death warrant though, as they did not keep up with new and developing technologies - in fact, many of the largest coffee traders are still using FAX machines. Meanwhile, small farmers now have smartphones and access to world coffee market prices and consumers are becoming more aware of how direct-sourced coffee benefits the producers.

The time is right for a new way of buying and selling coffee. Q: How do you aim to fix these inefficiencies with CoffeeCoin? This means, for example, a producer in Indonesia can sell his coffee directly to a buyer in America without going through the traditional system requiring banks, loans and middlemen. The producer receives a better price for his coffee, the buyer receives a direct-trade high-quality specialty coffee. This opens up the door to thousands of boutique roasters who previously had limited access to smaller volumes of specialty grade beans.

It also offers coffee farmers and cooperatives more opportunities to sell their best beans at a higher premium. To showcase how the CoffeeCoin token can perform these functions, we have already developed our first working service. As of Oct. This buy, sell and service offers on the blockchain. This can reduce or even eliminate the need for the multiple Q: I see you are based in Malaysia and communications via fax, phone and email Indonesia, what is the state of blockchain that are standard in the industry now.

As technology adoption in these countries? Indonesia is not only the 4th largest Farmers and roasters can use CoffeeCoin producer of coffee in the world, but also has to crowdfund sales and purchases of specialty a huge crypto supporting community. This token. Sasha Ivanov, the founder of Waves raises the value of the coffee for farmers, spoke at the recent blockchain conference in keeps both the farmers and roasters out of Bali Indonesia and while there he spoke with debt and increases business for the importers the head of Bitcoin.

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All of this bodes extremely well for the CoffeeCoin project, as we have many coffee sources in Indonesia. We will be able to use our platform right away for direct-fromCore Magazine. After our token sale, once CoffeeCoin has liquidity on the Waves Dex, we plan to approach crypto exchanges in Indonesia and other coffee producing countries to have CoffeeCoin listed as well.

Being based in south-east Asia allows us access to not just Indonesian coffee, but also micro lots of high-grade Arabicas from Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand. Also, Singapore is at the heart of this region and gives us access to global coffee logistics providers along with a massive and growing community of blockchain developers and a crypto-friendly legislative regime.

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Waves were the first platform to offer what we needed for our project - a way to easily create a token that could be used both as a crypto-currency voucher and as a utility token that could transmit and preserve additional data on the blockchain. It only took a few minutes to create our token and our tech partners at Oceanlab. This is achieved through proxy tokens, tokens that are backed and are interchangeable through gateways. The next fiat gateway installment is likely.

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The most interesting part is that this is the first fiat gateway pushed by a private company, rather than by the WAVES team. Interested to find out more, we asked the owner of Digilira, Serkan Bayar, about the motivations behind his new company, how he got here, the cryptocurrency situation in Turkey and more. The Digilira company name is a shortened version of Digital Turkish Lira. We call it Digilira because it sounds euphonic.

Our company was established on October 10th, Our company aims to create and sell a value in an electronic environment, to establish and operate websites to carry out these purposes, register members to these websites and earn income from these services. The response was optimistic and they only requested us to warn our users about cryptocurrencies volatility and requested us to prevent AML Anti-Money Laundering activities.

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We will request people to use their real names while they are signing up for our service. We have access to the national judiciary informatics system, so we will be able to check if the given ID is fake or not. We will not accept deposits if the deposit is made from an ATM. If this occurs, we will issue a full refund.

Users will able to withdraw only from accounts that match with his name and ID. After we got a good response from Banking Regulation and Supervision agency, we started to get in touch with banks. We prepared a document and explained to them about our intentions and services. They sent our documents to their head offices. Some banks have a blockchain management unit and we got responses from those units or the head offices. As of now, we have an agreement with 6 major banks in Turkey, and some more are underway.

In Turkey, there are 3 major exchanges where you can buy and sell Bitcoins. These 3 exchanges have a total of 15 million dollars volume on average every day. All of these exchanges are centralized. By using Digilira as a gateway service, our customers will have lots of benefits.

Here they are:. Get Rid of High Commissions Today on average, a 0. For example, a person who trades with 10 Thousand Turkish Liras pays a commission of 40 Turkish Liras when he gets Bitcoin from a centralized exchange in Turkey. A: We believe in the Waves Platform as we are early adopters. Also, Waves has a built-in DEX. For example, a person who trades In Turkey, there are a lot of Waves 10 Thousand Turkish Liras only pays a total supporters. There are pages written in commission of 0.

After the demand for Waves, I personally opened a blog site to spread the Waves Platform for the Turkish people. All other exchanges in Turkey are legal and they pay taxes from profits. When you decide to buy Bitcoin, you can buy directly from those 3 exchanges. But if you want to Core Magazine. This is where the problem begins. Users of common centralized exchanges are often complaining about the lack of orders, site upgrades without prior announcement, and inability to access the site temporary especially when it is volatile.

Time is Cash It is very time-consuming to send Bitcoin from one exchanges to another when the markets are very fluctuating. The time lag between sending and receiving Bitcoins from one exchange to the next can lead to losses, especially when you are dealing with large capital. With www. In this way, it will be much faster to move from one cryptocurrency to the next. Centralized exchanges keep your private keys and in the event of hacks, exchanges can lose their private keys.

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By using digilira. Q: What has the process been so far to get the gateway up and going? Luckily, the. The URL of www.

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We reached out to the owner and started to bargain. We agreed on the price and we bought the URL. With our company now established, we applied for the www. Negotiating with banks was the longest step as we had some requirements. We requested banks to give a live feed of our accounts so we can track deposits live. It took around 4 weeks to deal with banks in regards to this issue. Now banks will provide data for specified IP addresses where our servers are located.

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We also got an agreement with a firm called Manim. This firm will listen to banks and provide JSON data for us. This way we will collect deposit requests from digilira. If this data matches then we will send the wTRY automatically. So the deposit process will be autonomous but the withdrawals will be manual.