Bitcoin future uncertain

We wrote that Bitcoin was familiar and welcome to younger generations and although older investors may have heard the word, they were generally less familiar with it and more skeptical. In the report attached, the authors note the biggest change with Bitcoin is the shift from it being primarily a retail-focused endeavor to something that looks attractive for institutional investors.

Specific enhancements to exchanges, trading, data, and custody services are increasing and being revamped to accommodate the requirements of institutional investors. He says this makes Ethereum more versatile, but at a cost.

Despite run-up, bitcoin’s future is still uncertain - The Boston Globe

You will stumble many times on that path. Antonopoulos says the number of things that Ethereum is capable of makes for confusing market narratives. Is it ICOs, like it was in ? Is it tokens, like it was shortly before and shortly after?

Will Bitcoin be the currency of the future?

Is it non-fungible tokens? The simple answer is all of the above, and whatever sticks.

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  • Finance watchdog says ‘market immaturity’ raises concerns over digital coin trading.
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Surprisingly, it seems no one has seen a draft of the Bill. Expectations are that the Bill will take forward what was set in a draft legislation first seen in The industry fears the severe limits that the Bill placed on cryptocurrency trade in India. While the Centre is unlikely to allow cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum etc. The Indian cryptocurrency industry, which includes exchanges like WazirX and CoinDCX, has requested the government to reconsider the ban.

Platforms like WazirX have seen millions of dollars being spent on crypto in India just over the past couple of months.

Market Wrap: Some Miners Face an Uncertain Future Despite Rising Bitcoin Price

So, to avoid loss of wealth, the industry has said it will be a better idea to tax them, instead of a ban. This is another aspect that baffles many.

Cryptocurrencies are held in digital wallets and transferring them from one user to another can be as easy as sharing pirated movies on a thumb drive. Criminalizing crypto exchanges will make all crypto exchanges targeting Indian users illegal.

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The overall blockchain industry is also worried that this might make it more difficult and costly to develop new blockchain-based products. Firms often build products on top of the ethereum or other blockchains, and they fear a ban on ethereum may mean using its underlying infrastructure will also become illegal.