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Researchers need concrete answers before it becomes far too late enact institutional restrictions and regulations on the practice, writes De Vries.


And given that Ethereum is only just getting started ugh , this figure will likely only rise. Energy use of Bitcoin will likely stop growing so fast and even decline in the near future; Grist estimated that at current trends Bitcoin would cost as much energy as the whole world uses now in only two years, an incredibly unlikely situation.

Bitcoin and the Electricity Police

It may also be possible to improve mining algorithms so they don't use as much energy. Correction: A gigawatt is a unit of power. A previous version of this article incorrectly identified it as a unit of energy. The Future.

Study claims Bitcoin uses as much energy as Ireland. Not so fast, experts say.

According to reports Bitcoin network now consumes as much electricity as the whole country of Ireland. Bitcoins work on the decentralized ledger, which runs on computers across the globe.

Unlike your bank where all transactions are centralized, Bitcoin transactions are validated by the group of miners and for validating and updating the transaction they are rewarded with a new Bitcoin. According to a report by Alex de Vries, the Dutch researcher, the Bitcoin network uses as much electricity as Ireland.

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He also states in his paper that the average cost of electricity around the world is 5 cents per KWh. Many people have, however, started raising questions on the way electricity consumption has been calculated. The fact that not much data is available on the subject negates the study.