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Might be good deal. Or on the other hand, if you are the content creator and managed to save a little bit of these 6 USD, you were paid very well.

Apple Founder Wozniak Claims Bitcoin Bear Market Created “Massive” Value For Crypto

Bitcoin is volatile, true. But if you spend it and immediately buy new bitcoin afterwards, you have lost nothing to volatility. But have you heard about the Lightning Network and other layer 2 solutions?

They enable microtransactions even in sub-satoshi amounts. Lightning payments are immediately settled, no need to wait for one block or 10 minutes minimum. With layer 2 solutions there is no limit to the number of payments that can be settled in seconds.

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Also lightning payments give you privacy protection, they are as private and anonymous as cash transactions. There are already solutions that let you pay for content inside messaging apps on top of the Lightning Network. For instance with a messenger called Sphinx.

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The foreword was written by Neal Stephenson—someone who is ahead of his time for a living. Thirteen long years later, Bitcoin was introduced to the world. I didn't invent it, even though I'd written about digital cash more than a decade before.

I'd created an entire book about digital cash, and thought about it deeply for months. Except I didn't buy 1, dollars worth of Bitcoin in Search Search for:.

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