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I think you may be misreading the article. As I understand it, Motherboard will capitalize "Bitcoin" and "Bitcoin Cash" as protocols and write "bitcoin" and "bitcoin cash" when referring to units of currency. I don't think they want to call "bitcoin cash" "bitcoin".

Beyond bitcoin: 7 ways to capitalize on blockchains

Let's keep this discussion about usage in the book. It would also be good to have input from other contributors.

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Hello, I agree with a-dpq The protocol itself is Bitcoin. The unit of account, bitcoin, does not even exist in the protocol. As we know all transactions have values in satoshis on wire and such a thing as bitcoin, mili bitcoin, etc.

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The reference for any usage is bitcoin. And they state it crearly. It is asimilar problem to Sun and sun Of course one can know which one is used from context. If we refer to the star closest to us it should be Sun. If we refer to a star which has orbiting planets, it is a sun.

Took a look at the referenced PRs. And can only confirm my assumption, that this issue together with the PR is not doing anything useful, and even introduces more confusion. Which one of the bellow would be correct a-dpq? If You want to adjust the book to be inline with the silly article mentioned above, then You should choose not to edit the above as You did in Your PR, since that part of the book is describing a protocol. Except for the glossary, the entire rest of the book writes "bitcoin" in lowercase. I changed "Bitcoin" to "bitcoin" in the glossary to agree with the usage in the rest of the book.

Please note that this actually contradicts the usage recommended in the above links. I have not applied these rules to the book — this is why I've opened an issue to discuss this point. Whatever is decided, the convention should be applied consistently throughout the book. I think that's an important point and worth discussing. Will change glossary to lower-case. I'm not using the "convention" of differentiating based on capitalization, because I think that context is better than capitalization, and ambiguity is somewhat unavoidable.

Skip to content. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels formatting. Milestone 2nd Edition - 3rd Copy link. This was referenced Dec 3, Minor corrections to preface, glossary, chapters 1 and 2 Minor corrections to readme, preface, glossary, chapters 1 and 2 Is there a protocol named Bitcoin? Isn't the currency Bitcoin? See the Bitcoin Wiki link above: Since Bitcoin is both a currency and a protocol, capitalization can be confusing.

Is Bitcoin Capitalized? What About Other Cryptocurrencies? - Capitalize My Title

Rename this book to 'Bitcoin Core Book'. It is not so clear where the "Accepted practice" assumption comes from though! Industry google writes Euro: And it also uses capital letter on the Bitcoin:. Bitstamp's FAQ section does indeed look like "copy" mistakes: So my next step would be to write a letter to some of these exchanges and ask them if they are willing to modify their copy and follow the english language rules about writing currency names. Article does expose the real problem with these renaming schemes: Should the new version of Bitcoin, called Bitcoin Cash, be capitalized when Bitcoin proper is not?

What kind of message does that send to our readers? Does one version "deserve" to be capitalized while the other does not? On the other hand, which implementation "deserves" to be treated with the kind of familiarity that the internet does, and why? Article sums up with a vaguely expressed solution to the described problem, this is how the article ends: We need to keep our articles readable.

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We also need to avoid the illusion of preference. Above all, we need to be careful about which technologies we normalize. For all these reasons, we're going to capitalize all cryptocurrencies-as-systems and de-capitalize their denominations. The last two sentences are not clear to me and are even more confusing than this issue it self! To me it looks like this project is still maintained, last master commit was end of August: Latest commit bb9 on Aug 24 wbnns wbnns readme: Update instruction; PRs to develop branch. Renaming back to bitcoin when talking currency, and using Bitcoin for the protocol, would allow article writers like the one linked, to make claims: I bought some bitcoin via Bitcoin Cash protocol???

But it is not. Anyway, glad I was able to figure out what's going on here behind the scene. Search Results.

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The results of your search have been divided into the following tabbed sections. To see search results from any of these areas of The Chicago Manual of Style Online , click on the appropriate tab. I accept that we capitalize "Black" which I have also questioned but have given up on when referring [Forum] RE: To capitalize or to not capitalize I don't think so.

You would, however, capitalize Polly the guppy, o [Forum] RE: Capitalization question I'm glad you mentioned that Pixna because I still had the old 15th-ed. Results 11 - 20 of for capitalize. I accept that my logic does not follow the protocols in respected dictionaries and elsewhere.

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  • I don't think so. I'd be interested in hearing feedback from others as well. On the other hand, we don't capitalize "dollar. The rationale for capitalizing brand names is that they are proper nouns. I'm glad you mentioned that Pixna because I still had the old 15th-ed. When referring to the Confederacy, would one capitalize Rebel army, Rebel forces, etc.?